Pecan Prices Expected to Stay the Same

Pecan Prices Expected to Stay the Same

Despite setbacks with weather, Shute Pecans says prices should be the same.
Pecan season is starting, and many are probably wondering what they can expect for pecan prices.

Shute Pecan employees say the season has had a slow start, but just recently, it has started to pick up.

The owner, Sandi Hodge, says all the rain has slowed down the process, and the nuts took longer to fall from the trees.

But, despite the setbacks, she says prices should stay the same.

"I don't see a big fluctuation in price. We're not hearing anything about that. I think they'll stay pretty consistent most of the year. There may be a little up and down but I don't foresee a big raise in price or a big drop in price," Hodge says.

The pecan type that is doing the best so far is the "Elliott."

Shute Pecan is also having a pecan tasting tonight at their store on Ross Clark Circle. It starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m. They'll have each of their types of pecans to taste, and also some of their Amish products.
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