Ozark Police Looking for Motive in Teen Shooting

Ozark Police Looking for Motive in Teen Shooting

A 12-year old boy was shot in the mouth and police say a 15-year-old pulled the trigger.

A blood trail from College Street to Briarhill Court in Ozark paints a picture of what happened there Wednesday night.  Police say it was near the city’s basketball court that a15-year-old boy walked up to a 12-year-old and shot him in the mouth. The victim ran to a home on Briarhill Court where police and medics arrived. The suspect fled the scene on foot and was later arrested on Westview Street.

Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey said they still don’t have a motive.  "You can't fathom this. You can't understand this. Maybe you could wrap your head around this if you had a motive,” said Police Chief Tony Spivey
Spivey said the two boys were acquaintances, but he didn’t know how else they’re connected. The teen has been charged with attempted murder and possession of marijuana. Whether or not he's tried as an adult is up to the district attorney. “If you take a firearm and shoot someone in the mouth or in the head, what other intent is there other than to take their life. People must understand that when you result to such conduct as this, there are dire consequences,” continued Spivey. 

The suspect is being held at the Diversion Center until a decision is made. The victim is recovering from his gunshot wound to the mouth.  His injuries are described as non-life threatening.

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