Out of Space at City Cemetery

Out of Space at City Cemetery

Every plot at both of dothan's cemeteries is sold,but the cemeteries aren't close to being full. Simply put, the city is out of space.
The first plot sold at Dothan's cemetery dates back to June of 1912.  Back then the plots were being by groups of eight.  More than a 100 years later every one f those plots are sold. While every lot is sold, there are nearly six thousand plots that sit empty.

"If someone has purchased a lot and they are no longer going to use all of the spaces in the lot, they can sell the spaces that are no longer needed to anyone who wants to buy them,” explained Allen Kramer, He manages the city’s cemetery services.  Kramer said his office puts families in touch with each other who are looking to buy or sell.  He said it’s a short list. On Average they only receive two or three calls a year from someone looking to buy a plot or sell one.

It further proves why Kramer believes there's no need to expand the current cemetery, Kramer also said the times are changing and so are the needs of the community. “There are more people being cremated rather than being buried so the amount of lots the city once had for sale maybe all that was needed."

The last plot sold was in the 1970’s.

Dothan has a cemetery on Main Street and on Montana Street.

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