Obamacare scams popping up in the Wiregrass

Obamacare scams popping up in the Wiregrass

The better business bureau is sending a message, beware of scammers. They say they're out in full force as Obamacare is rolling out.

Obamacare is rolling out and some people are eager to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. Christina Kraemer is one of  the people who are excited. She's from Germany and said everyone had health insurance in her native country. " This is exactly what this country need. I think it's horrible that people here don't have healthcare. They can't go to the dentist or receive other services here without it. "

John Weatherly is excited he can finally get insurance. "It lets people like me who have pre-existing conditions, get health insurance.”

With the excitement, comes concern. Many have questions about the new health care law. They want to know how to sign up and what information they'll need. Lori Beaumer with the Better Business Bureau is warning people that shysters will prey on their lack of knowledge and scams are already popping up. “I had an older woman to call and she asked me about Obamacare. I said what do you need to know. She said someone called me about my insurance and they wanted my social security number and my personal information."

Beamer said you should hang up immediately if you get a call from someone claiming to be from the government .You can find legitimate information about the Affordable Care Act online at Healthcare.gov

Unfortunately Beaumer believes this is just the start of the scams. She said pretty soon there will be fake websites popping up, along with emails, and letters all claiming to be with government. If you have questions about the legitimacy of anything you get from someone claiming to be with the government, pertaining to the Affordable Care Act  you can always call the Better Business Bureau to get answers.

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