NFL Executive & Enterprise Native Visits Enterprise High School

NFL Executive & Enterprise Native Visits Enterprise High School

She’s the local girl who turned into a successful business woman. Michelle McKenna-Doyle is a vice president and CIO of the National Football League.
Michelle McKenna-Doyle grew up in Enterprise, Alabama. She attended Enterprise High School and had her first job with the city’s parks and recreation department but now this small town girl lives in the big apple. She's the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the NFL.

"Having this community and having the support of this always knew people had your back and it gave me a lot of confidence and when you go out and leave your nest, that's what you need is confidence to take on the world," said McKenna-Doyle.

She came back to Enterprise High School today to celebrate the school's 100 year anniversary of football.

"Football was my first passion and growing up in this city football is engrained in who you are. It's just amazing. They've been playing football here longer than the NFL has been in existence," she said.

She spoke to the crowd about what she does and why youth and high school football is so important to building up the NFL. She says she doesn't make it back to Enterprise often but 100 years was something to celebrate. She was happy to see some familiar faces and give back to the school that gave her the foundation for a successful career.
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