Mayor Schmitz preparing for another Chinese company to visit Dothan

Mayor Schmitz preparing for another Chinese company to visit Dothan

Dothan mayor returned from China today and he's already planning for the 3D printing company to visit Dothan within the next month.
Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz is back in town after a ten day trip to China. He spoke with Chinese business leaders in an effort to bring more companies to the manufacturing symposium in Dothan next March. Before the trip there were almost three hundred companies that would be represented at the manufacturing symposium but while in China he added about 100 more companies that list and now we can also expect to have representatives from the 3D printing company visit Dothan within the next month. They're looking to open a U.S. branch for their company and Dothan is one of the possibilities.

“I wanted to keep in contact with the 3D printing company that came here. We would like them to build a plant here in Dothan. They're going to be here within the next 30 days with some engineers so we're going to get the first shot at or the first option so I'm excited about that," said Schmitz.

That's just one of many Chinese companies headed to Dothan in the near future. In fact there will now be over 400 represented in the upcoming manufacturing symposium. Mayor Schmitz says almost all of these companies are looking to expand in some way, whether it's opening their first U.S. branch or starting a company from scratch.

"We had great success. It's a high level of manufacturers and businesses are coming even some small ones. We have a lady that would like to open up 200 tea shops in the United States and she's coming here first to look here. I think that would be exciting so I think it was overall very successful," said Schmitz.

He says one of the most surprising parts of the entire trip wasn't just the outcome, but the possibilities.

"What was interesting to me though was in Beijing and Shanghai, not only were we there asking for investment in our communities, Italy, Poland, Israel, Hungary, all those companies were there giving the pitch so it's very very competitive," said Schmitz.

But competition is something Mayor Schmitz is ready for. He says even just one or two companies would be a big deal for Dothan-- adding jobs and economic value to the city.
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