Man Denied Probation In Car Crash That Left Man Paralyzed

Man Denied Probation In Car Crash That Left Man Paralyzed

District Attorney: Prison is where he Saxon Strothers belongs.

A judge Tuesday denied probation for a man who earlier pleaded guilty to causing a traffic accident that left another man paralyzed.  Saxio Strothers, 28, of Eufaula was ordered to serve  15-years in prison on an Assault First Degree charge.

Strothers was arrested in June, 2012---a few days after the crash happened on U.S. Highway 431 in Henry County.  Prosecutors contend Strothers was driving at speeds above 90 miles-per-hour when his car crashed into the rear of a pickup truck driven by Jeffrey Dent Richards. He is alleged to have been intoxicated at the time. The wreck left Richards paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

"(Richards) wife testified before Judge (Kevin) Moulton that she thinks Strothers should go to prison for the accident," said District Attorney Doug Valeska.  "And I agree that is exactly where he belongs." 

Court records indicate Strothers was charged earlier this year with Promoting Prison Contraband while confined to the Henry County Jail.  He has yet to be tried on the charge. 

Meanwhile, a civil lawsuit has been filed by Richards against Strother's insurance company in regard to the traffic wreck.

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