Local Coaches React to Friday Football Brawl

Local Coaches React to Friday Football Brawl

After an all out brawl at a football game between two high school rivals in North Alabama, we're taking a closer look at another rivalry game.

It's a fight that’s been seen around the country. Two coaches duke it out on the field. The fight went down in front of the fans and the players. Dothan High Football Coach Kelvis White says he's disappointed in the coaches’ actions. 

“It was very poor judgment. I know they're sitting at home today thinking about how they could have done things differently. It's just a football game. I  know we work hard to win them, but you never want to do anything that can embarrass your school and community."

The fight happened only a week before another fierce rivalry meets on the field. This Friday is the “Circle City Showdown.”  This game is also filled with emotions, but white says he has taught his players how to keep their emotions in check. "We have show character and class and you have to say and do the right thing and your players will follow. If you see your players doing anything that's unsportsmanlike you need to correct that immediately.  "

Northview high school coach LeBrian Stewart agrees. He says football is aggressive, but there's the right and wrong way to channel that energy. Stewart also discourages things like in-zone celebrations or other forms of gloating. "You play the way that you practice and you do want to play with passion , but at the same time you have to control it. "

White and Stewart say at the end of all this Friday’s matchup is only a game. They say it's game that's all about fun and the players nor the coaches should let anything get in the way of that.

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