Dothan election challenge dismissed

Dothan election challenge dismissed

While a contest of results is now resolved a separate criminal probe is still pending
A lawsuit challenging election results of a Dothan commission race held last year has been dismissed. The challenge was brought by the attorney for Lamesa Danzey after she lost the District 2 election to incumbent Amos Newsome by only 14 votes.

At issue were absentee ballots Danzey claimed were cast illegally for Newsome. Of the 124 absentees submitted in the August election, Newsome received 119.

The case had been set Friday before Houston County Judge Butch Binford. He dismissed it upon agreement of attorneys for both candidates.

Attorney James Anderson, who represents Danzey, filed a document with the court earlier this month that listed 37 people who he believed voted illegally for Newsome.

A criminal investigation into possible voter fraud was conducted by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office. The findings are expected to be presented to a Houston County Grand Jury.

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