Danzey's attorney claims 37 votes illegal

Danzey's attorney claims 37 votes illegal

Houston County Judge will hear evidence in the court challenge next week
The attorney for a candidate contesting last year’s election results in Dothan claims more than enough votes were cast illegally to give his client victory.

A list of 37 names attorney James Anderson alleges voted illegally for incumbent District Two Commissioner Amos Newsome has been filed with a Houston County Court.

Anderson represents challenger Lamesa Danzey and is asking a court to reverse the results of the election held in August.

Newsome received 14 more votes than Danzey on the strength of absentee ballots. He garnered 119 absentee votes while Danzey received five.

“We need to find 14 people who voted illegally for Mr. Newsome,” Anderson said shortly after the challenge was filed. If determined that more than that number of votes was cast illegally the results could be reversed and Danzey declared the winner.

However, Newsome’s attorney filed a legal document with the court claiming that only one absentee ballot was wrongly cast. He argues the results should remain intact and Newsome allowed to remain on the commission.

Circuit Judge Butch Binford has scheduled a hearing on the matter January 12.

Meanwhile, a criminal probe into possible voter fraud was concluded several weeks ago. Sources familiar with the investigation say the matter will be presented to a grand jury in the near future.

You can see the documents filed including those who allegedly voted illegally above this story.

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