Keeping Your Promise

Keeping Your Promise

<img align="left" width="163" src="/images/Multi_Media/dothanfirst/nxd_media/img/jpg/2010_01/5921c56f-c0a1-dc94-755a-d707c42ae405/raw.jpg" alt=" " height="129" style="width: 163px; height: 129px" />Wiregrass Sticks To Their New Year&#39;s Resolutions
Trimming down a size, cutting the carbohydrates, or maybe even cleaning house could be one of the many New Year's resolutions. However, in these past five days many could have already left commitment behind. We found some in the wiregrass who are doing just the opposite.

Reggie Horstead says leading a healthy lifestyle is a yearly routine. 

Reggie Horstead says, "I started last year and I'm continuing.." Horstead's 2010 goal is losing ten pounds and getting trim. With five days behind him, Horstead is on the road to success.  His techniques include not eating after six and drinking lots of water.  However, he is not alone on his yearly mission. Sharon Cole's starting the new decade with a positive attitude. 

Sharon Cole adds, "It used to be about losing weight, but I'm going to be positive and look forward in 2010." Cole decided checking the scale would no longer take precedent. On the other hand, James Glover's is not trimming down or staying cheery. His New Year's resolution is no resolution at all.

Glover says, "I decided not to because what's the point if you don't keep it."

But five days in and many in the wiregrass are still devoted.
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