Busted: Ft. Rucker man among those nabbed in sex sting

Busted: Ft. Rucker man among those nabbed in sex sting

Undercover officers pose as children and their mothers in "To Catch A Predator" type scheme
Walton Co. Sherif's Office
Walton Co. Sherif's Office
A Fort Rucker man is among ten people arrested in an undercover sting operation. Jerry Hartman, 40, and the others are accused of traveling to Walton County, FL for the purpose of having sex with a minor.

An operation with the code name “Operation Turkey Hunt,” used uncover officers posing as young children and their mothers. “During conversations with some of the suspects and the undercover officer, who was posing as a 12 year old female’s mother, the suspects solicited the “mother” to engage in sexual activity with the 12 year old female,” said Walton County Sheriff Office spokesperson Catherine Rodriguez.

“Other conversations consisted of the suspect engaging in conversations with the undercover officer, posing as a 13 year old male, and the suspect solicited the 13 year old male to engage in sexual activity,” she said.

Sheriff Mike Adkinson stated, “We want those individuals who would prey on our children to be afraid of what is waiting behind the door for them. I want them to understand that when it comes to protecting our children we are the boogeyman waiting to get them. To combat the online sexual exploitation of children, many hours were devoted to the planning and execution of this operation,” the sheriff said.

Hartman was one of two people from Alabama arrested—the other from Mobile. It’s not immediately clear if he is a member of the U.S. Army though only members of the military and their families are normally allowed to live on post. A Walton County release mentions one of those arrested is a military officer.

Other persons arrested include:

John Reyes, 42 Mobile, AL
Ren Greco, 25 Lynn Haven, FL
Mohammed Alhamdy, 30 Fort Walton Beach, FL
Scott Newbern, 51 Miramar Beach, FL
Charles Maines, 21 Ebro, FL
William Moodie, 24 Miramar Beach, FL
Timothy Coffey, 39 Fort Walton Beach, FL
Melvin Andrews, 24 Fort Walton Beach, FL
Nick Walker, 22 Freeport, FL

All persons arrested are being held under $1-million each. Sheriff Adkinson won’t rule out additional arrests.

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