Jailed Officer Wants Bond Lowered

Jailed Officer Wants Bond Lowered

Lanice Bonds is now in jail under $250,000 bond after arrested for having sex with student.
The attorney for a Dothan police officer accused of illegally engaging in sex with a student is asking a judge to reduce his bond. Lanice Bonds, 37, is held in the Houston County under $250,000 bail.

He was arrested Tuesday for violating a law that prohibits school personnel from engaging in sexual activity with a student under the age of nineteen. The law was recently passed by the Alabama legislature. In cases not involving school employees the legal age of consent is generally sixteen.

Bonds was the Resource Officer at Dothan High School with his salary funded by the police department and not the school system. Termination proceedings were initiated upon his arrest.
“The defendant asks that the bond be reduced in that the bond of $250,000 is the equivalent of no bond in the present case,” defense attorney Cada Carter wrote in a motion filed with the court.

There is no bonding company in Houston County authorized to write bonds of $250,000. Additionally, if a property bond is written, the real estate used to secure the bond must be free of liens and the property valued at twice the amount of the bond according to Sheriff Andy R. Hughes. A cash bond could be posted though that is highly unusual for amounts such as the one on which Bonds is held.

A hearing on the bond reduction request is set for October 4 before District Judge Benjamin Lewis.

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