Insurance premiums increasing in the Wiregrass

Insurance premiums increasing in the Wiregrass

Blue Cross Blue Shield sending notices.
The Affordable Care Act took effect earlier this month and around the Wiregrass people are seeing premium hikes and other rising costs.

"I was shocked... I was shocked."

That was David Rousseau’s reaction when he got a letter in the mail from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

"It's going to cost me an extra 3,276 dollars a year to get worse coverage. I'm not happy. Not happy," said Rousseau, an attorney at the Beecher St. Law Offices.

His premiums rose almost 40 percent and the letter he received says that the increase is due to the Affordable Care Act

"For Blue Cross Blue Shield I was paying 718 dollars a month and according to this and I will read, 'your new monthly premium for this plan will be 991 dollars and four cents with a little asterisk or a little foot note, a portion of this total premium must be included to pay the affordable care act fees and taxes’," said Rousseau.

He's not the only one-- many in the Wiregrass received letters like this one and took to social media expressing their outrage.

"One of my friends, hers went up not quite a hundred percent but it almost doubled... One of my friends is going to be paying 5,385 dollars for a year," said Rousseau.

We've seen the government shutdown have negative consequences but Rousseau says he now understands why republicans aren't backing down.

"So that we don't have Obamacare, shut it down. I'd be very happy. This is ridiculous," he said.
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