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Hundreds Wait in Black Friday Lines

Shoppers eager to get deals Thanksgiving night.
Many eager to get good deals.
Many eager to get good deals.
Black Friday is slowly morphing into Black Thursday. Many people raced to retail stores to get those early bargains.

The consensus? TVs and laptops were the number one desires.

Several stores, including Wal-Mart and K-Mart opened early Thursday morning, while others, including Target, Best Buy and Kohl's, opened late Thursday night.

Some shoppers had been waiting since Wednesday night to get the best deals.  "I'm looking for a TV, 'Beats by Dre' headphones, and a new Drake CD. I just didn't want to fight the crowds, I wanted to be first!" Tyrien Crews said. He was the first in line at Target.

But many people didn't really like the idea of waiting in lines all day Thanksgiving. Lori Anderson is visiting the Circle City from Lakeland, Florida. She had dinner with her family first, then the women in her family went shopping together and the men spent time at home watching football. WDHN mentioned to her how people say shopping on Thanksgiving is "Un-American," and, "People should be spending time with their families on the holiday."

Anderson replied, "I am spending time with my family!" As she hugs her sister next to her. "We spent a few hours at home first, now we're here," she adds.

However, many people somewhat agree with Lori. The Facebook group, "Say No to Shopping on Thanksgiving," has over 50,000 likes and 950,000 shares on Facebook.

But despite the protests, many retailers aren't backing down. Some, like Target and Wal-Mart, even have special deals on Thanksgiving; like discounts on iPods and TVs.

"They have a lot of things marked down. Some really good deals here," Melanie Tillman adds. "I don't really think it matters what people are doing Thanksgiving night. Different strokes for different folks."

So, whether you decide to spend the entire Thanksgiving holiday with your family, go shopping with your family, or not go out at all, there's no denying that Black Friday is coming early this year.
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