Houston County Rolls Out New Pistol Permits

Houston County Rolls Out New Pistol Permits

With Alabama’s new gun law, comes a new pistol permit in Houston County. The sheriff's office has switched from paper permits to cards a lot like a driver's license.

Spencer Hall carries a gun. Hall is also toting around a paper card, known as a concealed weapons permit. "I've had friends that carried for years, and I never did, but things have changed and times have changed,” said Hall.

Starting this week Hall and others who go to renew their permit will get a card with quite a different look.  The Houston County Sheriff's Office is moving from paper pistol permits to plastic ones. The cards are similar to a state's driver’s license. The card will have your picture along with information like your address, birth date, weight, and height. Hall is on board with the new look."It's a good idea because when an officer checks it he knows immediately that someone isn't carrying someone else's permit,” continued Hall.

Sheriff Andy Hughes agrees with Hall he said that’s one of the reasons behind the new look.  “With a picture it's going to help. It's going to be quicker identification process,” explained Hughes,

There's no extra fee for the plastic cards, but it will still cost you $20 to renew your pistol permit. Under the state's new gun law you can now renew your permit for up to five years

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