Houston County prepared to salt almost 80 bridges

Houston County prepared to salt almost 80 bridges

Roads will be closed if ice becomes bad enough
Houston County is planning to salt bridges to keep them from icing during a winter storm expected to move through during the next couple of days. However, many roads will be closed if weather conditions become bad enough.

“We’re not geared up to do a thousand miles of roads if they ice up,” said County Engineer Bartley Kirkland. “We’d just have to close the roads in this situation.”

However, Kirkland said there is enough salt on hand—1.5 tons--- to cover 78 bridges. Those are expected to become the slickest if ice begins forming. “We’re going to take every precaution we can to make the bridges safe for the public,” Kirkland promised.

Forecasts calls for rain, freezing rain, and sleet to begin Tuesday afternoon and potentially continue until midday Wednesday. There is also the potential for up to four inches of snow.

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