"High Ranking" Military Officer Found Guilty Of Sex Crime

"High Ranking" Military Officer Found Guilty Of Sex Crime

It took a jury no more than 30 minutes to convict Ryan Gene Gericke of soliciting an underage girl over internet.
An Ozark man has been convicted of a sex charge related to a police sting conducted last year. Ryan Gericke, 32, was immediately taken into custody and a sentencing hearing scheduled later this year.

Assistant District Attorney Patrick Amason said the jury returned the verdict Wednesday after deliberating for no more than a half hour. Gericke was charged with electronic solicitation of a child for the purpose of having sex. At the time of his arrest, Gericke was a member of the National Guard described by his attorney as holding a “high rank.”

Gericke was arrested in October, 2012 after police filed charges alleging he solicited sex over the internet from what was represented to be a 15-year old child. Instead, an undercover police officer was waiting when Gericke arrived. A charge he traveled to meet the girl had previously been dropped.

Circuit Judge Mike Conaway is scheduled to sentence Gericke September 29.

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