HA appeal could mean changes for several schools

HA appeal could mean changes for several schools

Houston Academy has appealed Tuesday's reclassification from class 2A to 3A.
Houston Academy school administrators and coaches are currently meeting with AHSAA officials who are hearing their appeal on Tuesday's reclassification.

The Raiders were shocked to learn they had moved from class 2A to class 3A for the next two years. After some checking, school officials believe the wrong set of student numbers was used to determine classification, resulting in the appeal to the state.

It's not clear at this time if a decision will be made immediately. Several area schools are watching the ruling closely including New Brockton and Geneva.

If HA were to move back to 2A, Geneva is hoping the state would then move them from 3A, Region 1 to 3A, Region 2. Under the current situation, the Panthers would travel to place like Bayside Academy, Cottage Hill, Excel, T.R. Miller and Hillcrest-Evergreen. If changed, the Panthers would see their travel and travel costs reduced significantly. Their longest road trips would be to Pike County, Barbour County and Abbeville.

New Brockton is believed to be the team that would get moved from 2A, Region 2 to 2A, Region 3 to make room for the Raiders in 2A. Again, the state would have to agree to move HA back down one classification.

There are some other potential moves that would be made if the state were to make a change -- but they would likely not involve area teams.

State officials were expected to meet with Raider officials at 10 a.m. today.

Yesterday, Lance Griffin of The Game Plan on WOOF-AM talked with Ron Ingram of the AHSAA. Ingram would not go into details on the issue but did explain the appeal process. Ingram said a process was in place for an appeal that is as fair as possible for all schools in the organization.

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