Gun Sales Down Across the Wiregrass

Gun Sales Down Across the Wiregrass

Many business owners are reporting a drastic decrease in gun sales.
"The beginning half of the year was good but it dropped off a cliff. It dropped off pretty quick," said Dan Nicholson, the owner of Area 51 in Dothan.

He says business has never been this bad; guns stay on the shelves and once regular customers aren't coming in anymore. With the year coming to a close soon, his sales aren't even close to where he thought they'd be.

"I mean it's like significant like half or more of where we should be," said Nicholson.

He's not the only one; Joe Watson is a federal firearms licensee and he too has seen a drastic decrease.

"Over the past I'd say four months there has been a substantial decrease in demand for the firearms. I'm not selling as many I'm not having the calls of people trying to find them," said Watson.

He believes it's because many of his sales went to buyers worried that the government would ban guns.

"People were afraid of losing their second amendment right and they wanted to be able to buy firearms while they still can," said Watson.

Nicholson says furloughs and the economy overall makes the matter even worse.

"Definitely another thing that's affected us here in the wiregrass is the furloughs and all the talk of layoffs. There's been layoffs with companies. A lot of my customers are military. A lot of them are contractors at Rucker… I have a couple customers who've lost jobs more than once in the last two years and when you're in a difficult environment like that it's really kind of tough," said Nicholson.

They say the summer is normally the slowest time for sales but it usually picks up again in the fall but so far they're still waiting and hoping for that business to come back in.
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