Government Shutdown: Military Towns Impacted by Fort Rucker Furloughs

Government Shutdown: Military Towns Impacted by Fort Rucker Furloughs

Just one day after hundreds of civilian workers were furloughed at Fort Rucker, neighboring communities are already feeling the impact. Cities like Ozark, Daleville, and enterprise all depend on revenue from the people who work at Fort Rucker.

Steven Drown is already feeling the sting of the shutdown. He owns The Diner, just outside the Fort Rucker gates in Daleville. Just one day after the Fort Rucker furloughs he’s already lost fifty percent of his customers. “It’s a definite drop in business. You can tell by just the amount of people coming in the doors and plates we're cooking on the grill,” said Drown.

On Wednesday, booths were empty and so was the bar area in the restaurant. Drown said just a day ago you couldn't get a seat. "If we do not sell the food that means we're losing money and then we will have to make some decisions. That may mean we have to release people or we have to rotate days off. Like they say about furloughs, we may have some furloughs ourselves. "

The Diner isn’t alone, other business have also been impacted. The McDonald's in Daleville usually has a line that stretches to the street, but on Wednesday there were only a few cars in the drive-thru. Other businesses also had nearly empty parking lots. Down the road in Enterprise, Mayor Kenneth Boswell is bracing for what could be more days of a government shutdown. “We’re still heavily dependent on Fort Rucker and those off shoots of jobs, whether it is directly or indirectly related to Fort Rucker and that helps support our retail stores here. So there will be an impact,” said Boswell.

How big of an impact, depends on the length of the government shut down.

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