Woman arrested in connection with three dozen animal cruelty charges

Woman arrested in connection with three dozen animal cruelty charges

Dogs, goats, birds, other animals involved in case
Dothan Police have arrested a woman in connection with three dozen animal cruelty charges. Court records show Gina Marie Walker, 47, was apprehended Friday on 36 fugitive warrants issued in Marion County (Ocala), Florida. Walker currently shows a Chipley address.

An article in appearing March 2, 2011 in the Riverland News reports Walker and her mother, Penelope, were arrested on charges they were living in a van and RV with several types of animals. Among them were 26 dogs, six goats, two donkeys, cats and an African Gray parrot. Some were dead.

The animals, according to the News, were mostly kept in crates layered with animal waste.“This scene was horrific and a lot of people were complaining of the odor,”  Dunnellon Police Chief Joanne Black told the newspaper.

The case against the Walkers also led to the discovery of 184 dogs in a Lakeland, Florida motor home. A man was arrested and his wife, in poor health, given an appearance citation on charges the canines were confined to their own feces.

A report in the Orlando Sentinel, dated March 4, 2011, quotes a Polk County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson saying there was so much urine in the motor home that the ammonia level exceeded what OSHA considers safe.

Marion County court records show Gina Walker was adjudicated guilty October 27, 2011 on 37 animal cruelty charges and placed on probation. Her probation was violated in September, 2013. It appears she failed to meet terms set forth by the judge.

Court records show Penelope Walker, who received a similar sentence, is also wanted on a Fugitive warrant. There’s no indication she has been arrested at this time.

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