Former Wiregrass Boys & Girls Club Director Sentenced

Former Wiregrass Boys & Girls Club Director Sentenced

Jack Colson sentenced to a minimum of 90 days in community corrections.
The former Wiregrass Boys and Girls Club Director was given a minimum sentence of three months in Houston County Community Corrections but Jack Colson will remain in the facility until he pays back the rest of the money he stole. He's paid about 35,000 dollars of the almost 60,000 he stole from the organization in 2011. The club noticed financial discrepancies almost two years ago that led to the investigation and arrest of Colson. He's since moved out of state.

"We are not going to allow someone to come in and just pay back the money over a period of time once again we have to show all the people who make the  Boys and Girls Club a success and donate time and money and have for years that we are going to protect this club at all costs," said District Attorney Doug Valeska.

Colson seemed to get choked up when speaking with the community corrections officer after court--
Saying his wife is expecting to give birth to their child next month.

"He made those choices. He wasn't caring too much about his wife at that time and that sounds hard and tough but that's just the truth so any sympathy from me, no," said Valeska.

Colson's defense attorney wouldn't speak to us on camera but in court he said his client was remorseful and had no prior trouble with the law but Judge Anderson said Colson was the one who put himself in this place to begin with and that the Boys and Girls Club deserved to be paid back in full in order for justice to be served.
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