Former Boys and Girls Club Exec Sentenced To Prison

Former Boys and Girls Club Exec Sentenced To Prison

Judge will consider probation for Jack Lee Colson later this year.

The former executive director of the Boys and Girls Club in Dothan was sentenced Friday to five years in prison. Jack Lee Colson, 34, pleaded guilty earlier this year to embezzling thousands of dollars from the organization. A probation hearing was set for October and Colson was allowed to remain free on bond pending the outcome of that hearing.

Colson was arrested in November, 2011 after discrepancies were found in the club's financial figures. That sparked an investigation which led to the arrest of Colson. His employment was terminated.

Defense Attorney Dustin Byrd told Circuit Judge Larry Anderson Friday that his client is remorseful for what he did. He said Colson wants to make the club "whole" by paying restitution. He is accused of embezzling $56,000, paying $35,000 of that amount prior to the hearing. Byrd questioned an additional $10,000 interest prosecutors claim is owed. 

The vice-president of the Boys and Girls club told Judge Anderson the organization wants Colson justly punished. When asked by Anderson what she considers just, Janie B. Hinson said that would be a question for Anderson to decide. 

Byrd declined comment today but said he would make a statement following the probation hearing. District Attorney Douglas Albert Valeska was in another courtroom and not immediately available for comment. 

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