Flooding Fix Attempt in Grimes Creates Mess

Flooding Fix Attempt in Grimes Creates Mess

Grimes' mayor is looking for help to combat water and sewage overflow.
An attempt to pump out the rain and sewage mix is making a mess in the small community of Chrisney Lane Estates in the small town of Grimes.

"That water's contaminated from septic tanks and it's like moving a flood from once place to another and I've been flooded out where I lived before twice, that's why I moved here. And now they're using this, what you'd call a fire hose, and I think they need to buy a new one. They've been patching it every night, it sprays all over. Matter of fact, I came home from church last night went around the other end and I got my car washed," said neighbor, Charles McEachern.

The water has been standing for months but after a heap of complaints, the mayor finally took action. She couldn't find any help among Dale County commissioners or the health department--so she took matters into her own hands.

"We got a hold of some local farmers that had some irrigation pumps. We put in an irrigation pump and a lot of the pump is dry rotted. We are trying to pump the water from that area to this holding pond," said Grimes mayor, Billie Jo Dasinger.

"Maybe the surrounding cities might donate a little bit of hose here or something to help get this water out without showering everybody. Where we're standing now, the next minute you might get squirted by that hose," said McEachern.

The mayor says she's also hoping to get some help from the Red Cross after a volunteer from the Wiregrass chapter surveyed the damage.

A town hall meeting will be held tomorrow night on the issue and WDHN will be there to bring you the very latest.
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