Flooding At Ft. Rucker Main Gate

Flooding At Ft. Rucker Main Gate

Downpour leaves cars stalled in high water.

A thunderstorm with heavy rain struck around Daleville late Monday night overwhelming some drivers trying to leave Ft. Rucker. One person who the U.S. Army base said when he approached the Daleville gate the water was so deep it came up around the windows of his compact pickup truck.

The man, who asked that his name not be used, said other automobiles were stuck in deep water that accumulated in front of the Army Aviation Museum. He left the post shortly after 10:00 pm.  “I got into the deep water and just floored (the truck’s accelerator) and was hoping to make it out and feel lucky I did,” the man said.

“The (weather) was some of the most intense we’ve seen in a while,” said WDHN Chief Meteorologist Scott Roberts. “While people often fear wind the most water proves deadly far more often.”  It’s not believed anybody was hurt in Monday night's flooding. The Ft. Rucker Public Affairs Office is not open late at night so no statement was immediately available.   

If anyone has pictures of flooding or any other weather related issue please email them to ken@wdhn.com

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