Employees Across Dothan Wear Costumes to Work

Employees Across Dothan Wear Costumes to Work

There were many minions and Duck Dynasty impersonators at the office.
Lots of people around the Circle City showed off their best Halloween costumes at work today.

At Dothan Pediatrics, there were many 'minions' from the movie, "Despicable Me," as well as Willie, Jep and Si from A&E's hit reality show "Duck Dynasty."

Another popular costume that we saw at both Dothan Pediatrics and Slingluff Insurance was Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl.

A few of the employees said dressing up for work was fun and it made the day go faster.

"I do think it's something that's been fun for everybody. I also think the day has gone by faster. I think it builds teamwork here at the office and since we take care of children all day. It gives us a little something to give back to them and to make it a day where it's a little less scary to come to the doctor," Doctor Michael Ramsey from Dothan Pediatrics said.

Other popular costumes were Raggedy Ann, the Energizer Bunny and of course, the Witch.
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