Downtown Dothan Staple Returns

Downtown Dothan Staple Returns

An iconic Dothan restaurant is only a few days from re-opening. Ms. Boomers will open Wednesday morning at its old location on Foster Street.

A Dothan favorite and downtown staple will re-open this week and many people are anticipating the opening Ms.Boomers, but no one is more excited than the new owners Terry Bullard and Shann Mann "We've had literally thousands of people ask us to bring Ms. Boomers back so Shann, Karen and I said we're going to bring Ms. Boomers back. So we want to tell everyone welcome home Ms. Boomers,” said Bullard.

Crews have been renovating the building since June and Monday crews were busy completing the final touches for Wednesday’s opening. "It's been sitting empty about eight years and when we came here it was filthy. We've torn everything out and cleaned the place from top to bottom,” continued Bullard.

The owners promise to maintain the original charm like the fun hats. They’re even offering free appetizers for people who bring in an old hat. Bullard said they’re even keeping some of the original tables and chairs. They've also hired a few people who worked at the restaurant in the past like Ms. Ruby. She’s the woman behind the infamous “Boomer Burger”.

While the restaurant is a favorite for many its presence is another effort to revitalize downtown. The Downtown Redevelopment Authority loaned the owners $50,000 and the Chamber of Commerce gave them $20,000.

The entire project cost $250.000.

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