Dothan Neighborhood Becomes the Target of Thieves

Dothan Neighborhood Becomes the Target of Thieves

Dothan police are investigating a rash of burglaries in the Stonebridge neighborhood. Five cars were hit overnight and police say in each case the car doors were left unlocked.

Michael Smith woke up Monday morning realizing his car was broken into right outside his home on Stonebridge Road.  "I left my car unlocked and sure enough they came in and took my wallet. They took all the cash and left everything else in it for the most part,” said Smith.

He wasn't alone four of his neighbors were also the target of thieves, but Smith and others say enough is enough and they're now starting a neighborhood watch program. "We've actually had scenarios where someone has broken down a door to take valuables from someone's home. That's when it really hits home and that's why wanted to take the fight back to crime.

The neighborhood watch program has been successful in several Dothan communities including the Garden District; Stonebridge is hoping to find that same success.

Meanwhile police are encouraging people to keep both their home and car doors locked.

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