Dog Fighting Ring Busted In Coffee County

Dog Fighting Ring Busted In Coffee County

FBI handling investigation that could span several states.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has apparently busted some type of dog fighting ring operating in Coffee County. The probe appears likely to involve other states since the FBI is involved though that cannot be immediately confirmed.

WDHN’s Carolyn Brewster said agents are searching a house along U.S. Highway 84 west of Elba near the Covington County line. She reports agents, apparently armed with a search warrant, entered the house through a window. Officers also appear to searching property adjacent to the home.

Brewster said dogs a neighbor claims at least one person has been arrested but that could not be confirmed by a member of law enforcement. She also reports the home may have been used to breed dogs used for fighting.

An FBI spokesperson declined comment saying a written press release would be sent to news media later today. Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton said he could not comment since the investigation is being conducted by the federal agency and his department is only assisting.

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