Danzey Files Challenge To District Two Vote

Danzey Files Challenge To District Two Vote

Claims fraud, intimidation in vote that gave Amos Newsome slim victory

A statement of contest has been filed challenging results in the recent Dothan District Two election.  An attorney for Lamesa Danzey filed the action late Monday claiming the apparent victory by incumbent Amos Newsome came because of illegal votes cast in the August 6 election.

Newsome initially appeared to have won the election by 14 votes on the strength of controversial absentee ballots cast. Despite Danzey carrying both polling places in the district, Newsome received 119 of 124 absentee votes. 

“Illegal votes were given to Amos Newsome, which, if taken from him will reduce the number of legal votes given to him down to or below the number of legal votes given to Lamesa Danzey,” the challenge states. 

Additionally, Danzey claims Newsome was declared the winner because of “bribery, intimidation or other misconduct calculated to prevent a fair, free, and full exercise of the elective franchise.”

The document also states that Newsome is not qualified to hold office in District Two, an apparent reference to controversy regarding whether Newsome actually resides in the district he represents.

Dansey is represented by well known Montgomery attorney James H. Anderson, a former candidate for Alabama Attorney General.  Anderson has also been retained by Macon County Sheriff David Warren in the ongoing dispute over electronic bingo machines at Victoryland.  The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Henry D. “Butch” Binford.

Meanwhile, a criminal investigation into whether voted fraud occurred in the District Two race has been launched by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office.  The probe is not likely to be completed until sometime next month.

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