Slocomb tomatoes getting ripe

Slocomb tomatoes getting ripe

Despite heavy rains and a late freeze, Slocomb tomatoes are almost ready for picking.
Fresh tomatoes from Hendrix Produce in Slocomb, Alabama.
Fresh tomatoes from Hendrix Produce in Slocomb, Alabama.
It’s about that time of year again, tomato picking time. We've had harsh weather, but the tomato crop is doing well, according to those who know best.

"We had a couple periods of late frost and we had to overcome that,” said Donnie Hendrix. “As everyone knows we got just a little too much rain, but we got in here and did the best we could trying to dry the field out. The tomatoes are just tough; they seem to be the most resilient plant we do grow, so they've hung in there."

People say there's just something special about a Slocomb tomato.

"It just all comes down to the taste. I mean everyone says it’s the soil. There's just something about a little bit different about a Slocomb tomato,” said Donnie. “It’s kind of like a Vidalia onion everybody just really likes the taste and it keeps people coming back year after year."

"They just love the taste. They drive a long way to come and buy our tomatoes from us," said Rhonda Hendrix.

Sandra Sizemore, who’s lived in Slocomb for 40 years, said she won’t eat any other tomato.

"You have to get a loaf of fresh bread, the mayonnaise and salt and pepper, which I like a lot of pepper on mine,” said Sizemore. “But that first bite is like 'ah finally' and then when it’s over its like 'oh darn now i have to wait another year'."

Hendrix Farm Produce said their tomatoes will be ready to sell the first week of June and from the look of them - it'll be hard to keep them on the shelves.
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