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Police asking for your help to stop skimming

The recent fraud attacks have the Dothan Police Department asking business owners to help stop the thieves.
Crooks are getting our credit card numbers and putting them on to their credit card. It’s called skimming and it’s become a massive fraud in the Dothan area.

This crime wave is so bad they even some police officers have been found themselves victims. Investigators are now telling us fighting this crime is nearly impossible unless they have help.

"Obviously, if you own a business you want your employees to check and verify that identification. If they see who that person is, if it’s a state I.D. or any type of local I.D. then they can confirm who the person is. Look at the card, you want to do that you want them to look at it. A lot of them you see the cards where it’s says it’s not valid if it’s not signed. On mine I write see photo idea, I want them to see my I.D. and confirm that it’s me and I want that to be done everywhere to protect my information,” said Sergeant Shane Ash with The Dothan Police Department.

Sometimes businesses check identification and take a look at the credit card and sometimes they don't.

Donna Dickerson owns Sweet and Sassy, a popular boutique that's been in business for years. Dickerson says she knows all too well about skimming, because like Ash she too has been a victim.

So, she's extra careful when credit cards are used in her business.

"We ask for photo I.D., check the back of the credit card or debit card look for the signature, compare it to the driver’s license signature and make sure that it's the same person,” said Donna Dickerson.

She said a lot of their orders are placed over the phone and with that type of sales  there is no way to check their identity

However, there are some security measures like the three digit security code on the back of many cards.

"It’s hard to verify - a lot of our orders come in over the phone, because we have delivery here in Dothan so we get phone calls for both hospitals and just deliveries in general from all over the area. So, those you are just taking a chance on, you know it’s just a risk,” said Dickerson.

Ash says skimmers regularly attach their devices to the inside of gas pumps, so many gas stations now have a protective red seal located at the top. If you see the seal is broken don't use the pump and go and report it, because likely the police can catch the bad guy.
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