No hot lunch for at one Dothan City School

No hot lunch for at one Dothan City School

Cafeteria renovations are behind schedule, so schools are going to plan b.
A quarter of a million dollars has gone into renovating two middle school cafeterias in Dothan; one at Girard Middle and the other at Carver Magnet. But as students gather their books and head back to class in mid August the work won't be done.

That's only a slight inconvenience at Carver where the issue is the new tables haven't arrived.

"We'll use the tables we got last year which we got last year and then we'll bring a temporary serving line so, it'll still look great but the final product will be a little bit longer,” said Joey Meigs, the principal at Carver Magnet.

At Girard the challenge is a little bigger, because the cafeteria work isn't done students will have to dine out of a bag.

We tried to talk to Principal Charles Corbitt about it, but he didn't want to talk about it calling our story negative. There are really some positives, like all of this will be solved soon, probably by mid September.

"It was the manufacture not being able to get it done in time. They originally thought they would be able to get it done in time but hey if we have to wait a couple weeks that’s great,” said Meigs.

Maybe the students eating out of the paper bags will think the food is great too.
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