New app to help stop bullying in Dothan City Schools

New app to help stop bullying in Dothan City Schools

Dothan city school officials are hoping to see a positive change after students and parents can use new app.
There is a new app that allows many students and parents in Dothan to alert school administrators of potential serious issues. Anonymous Alerts is a new is designed to reduce bullying, sexual harassment issues of a personal nature such as suicide threats.

Dothan Superintendent Tim Wilder said students and parents may not feel sometimes be comfortable speaking personally to someone about issued.  Wilder said the new app provides a communications forum for people to use in those situations.

“This is an anonymous alert that allows students to type in through their cell phones to a computer," said Wilder.  "They do not have to give their name or any specific information about them but if they see something such as bullying or if a student is harming themselves or making threats against others and they don't want to be known for telling this is the way to do it."

There are two ways to send an alert. The first is to go online at or you can download the Anonymous Alerts app. If you download the app you will need to use DCS as your username and password.

Wilder said students abusing the system will no be tolerated.  "So we want to make sure people understand that. If you see or even feel like there is a threat to yourself, to someone else  ortheres a bullying situation going on use it for that purpose,” said Wilder. “But not to play jokes, of course."

Dothan Police Officer Jim Metheny, who serves as a school resource officer, said he believe this will be another helpful tool to make sure the students are safe.
"I mean we will always need more information to solve a problem and this is another way - like I said of tools to help us get to the scene, get to whatever it is, solve it and see what is really going on,” he said.

The superintendent and one other official receive the alerts, and then the messages are transferred on to other school officials who need the information.

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