Woman charged in death of five dogs found in car

Woman charged in death of five dogs found in car

Kathy Hadley is accused of leaving the dogs while she shopped at a large retail store
Warrants were obtained Friday for a woman who is accused of leaving five dogs that died unattended in a car. Kathy Hadley of Cottonwood was charged with five counts of animal cruelty.

Hadley is accused of leaving the dogs Tuesday afternoon while she shopped at Dothan’s Walmart on South Oates Street. Four of the animals had died by the time Hadley returned to her car about two hours later. The other died after being taken for medical treatment.

It’s not immediately clear what killed the dogs though heat appears the most likely reason. The outside temperature according to the National Weather Service was 85 degrees at 4 o’clock, 86 degrees at 5 and 84 degrees at 6. Police records show the dogs were found dead prior to 5:50 pm. Statistics indicate outside temperatures in the mid 80’s can lead to the interior temperature of an automobile exceeding 115 degrees within 20-30 minutes if there is little or no ventilation.

An eyewitness told WDHN News that Hadley claimed she left the air conditioning on but one of the animals must have bumped the switch turning the heat on. That story has not been confirmed by police.

Hadley is expected to surrender at the Houston County Jail on the misdemeanor charges. If convicted, she could face up to one year in jail on each charge.

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