Gearing up for game day

Gearing up for game day

The kick-off to football season is just around the corner and people are starting to get their game day attire ready.
Those who sell college logo gear have a reason to smile, because it’s just six short weeks to the beginning of college football season. And no one is more excited than the people over a ScreenTech.

"We’ve been in production and thinking about this for over four months. We try to make sure that we've got our upcoming fall collegiate plan in place in February, the latest march,” said ScreenTech President Shannon Collins. “We make sure that we've identified what we feel and what we hear through industry sources are going to be the color schemes for the fall, what's going to be the trend and try to react and make sure we plan accordingly."

Collins admits knowing what's hot and what's not is pretty much a guessing game. However, there are some things to look for and not necessarily here in Alabama.

"A lot of things start in the northeast or on the west coast is where trends start then they start to migrate towards the middle section of the country, southwest and southeast," said Collins.

This year you’ll want to look for the washed out, faded look, it should be a top seller. The most popular color of the season, according to Collins, will be mint green.

"Comfort colors are one of the things that really in the last year have taken off tremendously. What they call spirit jerseys, which is the all over back print. That is something that really started on the west coast, it's taken off here,” said Collins.

Screen tech has sold collegiate licensed wear for sixteen years and during those years styles have changed many times. But the way ScreenTech does business has pretty much remained the same.

"We sell to the stadium vendors at the universities and also some of the collegiate book stores there. So, we try to make sure as well as having a feel for what our local fan base is going to want, what is the trend on campus and make sure we are identifying those trends,” said Collins.

So, while coaches are talking football and players are practicing football ScreenTech is selling football.

ScreenTech has a showroom here in Dothan that’s full of the latest apparel.

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