Eastgate dog park opening

Eastgate dog park opening

Dothan's first dog park will be opening this summer.
Dothan's first dog park will be completed this summer.

The project is a few weeks ahead of schedule and is set to open in July.

"It’s coming along very well. We had projected a July opening and I think we're safely on track for that," said Kim Meeker with Leisure Services.

The park will span over four acres and is sectioned off. Part of it will be used for large dogs and the other from smaller ones.

"It is a one of a kind in Dothan and we need such a park. Also, we don't realize it but we are becoming a much more urban center than we used to be,” said Meeker. “We are in a transition, let’s say, that people that live in apartments they've got to take their dogs somewhere they can recreate and they enjoy recreating with their dogs, so it gives them an outlet."

The price tag for the park is about a $100,000 and about half of that was paid for by a grant.

To shave costs city labor was used, meaning those who do other jobs would work on the park at times. This saved a few dollars but prolonged the completion of the dog park.

The good news for dog lovers comes just in time as the summer heat is approaching.
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