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Dale County Schools Superintendent: One Year Later

It's been almost one year since the 'boy in the bunker' hostage situation in Dale County.

It's been almost one year since that day…the day that changed everything for Dale County Schools.

"We noticed that law enforcement was leaving at a high rate of speed. At the time didn't know where they were going. But we did find out that there was a guy on a bus with a gun and a driver had been shot. Didn't know who at the time when we got to destiny church it was total chaos. The children were at the bottom of the hill. It was pandemonium," said Dale County Schools Superintendent Donny Bynum.

In the midst of disorder, Bynum had to make quick decisions--balance adrenaline and emotion with responsibility and duty.

"We had to notify a bus driver’s wife with what had happened. We had to find a mother and tell her that her child was being held hostage. We had to find the parents of the other children that witnessed this horrific event and tell them what had happened so we were just in shock at the time and still are as to the events of that day," said Bynum.

For six days the nation watched and waited and once Ethan was rescued and Dale County Schools back in session, officials to a hard look at safety procedures."We informed bus drivers not to carry on conversations on their bus routes," he said.

But for some parents, it wasn't enough.

"We had to ensure our parents we were taking all the safest possible methods but we still had some take their children from the bus and start driving them," he said.

The remembrance ceremony that was scheduled for this Wednesday but has been postponed until next Wednesday, February 5th. That ceremony will be open to the public.

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