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Motorists, students stuck in Birmingham

People got stranded while driving in central Alabama, students unable to get home
An unexpected winter storm led motorists stranded and students stuck at school in Central Alabama. Several inches of snow and ice had been forecast to generally move thorough the southern part of the state Tuesday. It moved more north than anticipated.

Motorists traveling on many roadways, including Interstates 29, 59, and 65 got stuck in a traffic gridlock. After becoming frustrated at not being able to drive any further some went to nearby gas stations and churches seeking shelter.

Thousands students were stuck in schools that dismissed early Tuesday. Many were unable to get home and had to spend the night at school. A class on a field trip who couldn’t continue was housed in Children’s Hospital.

Some parents walked to school to retrieve their children. “I thought it best to walk because I didn’t want to get my car stuck on the side of the road,” Natasha Fuller told ABC 33/40.

Still others got stuck at work, unable to go home to their families.

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