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As the school year ends crime tends to rise

As students are getting out of school for the summer they will have more free time on their hands and that means a heavy workload for Law Enforcement.

Summer is here and that will likely mean crime is going up as quickly as temperatures. Some of those criminal acts will be committed by students with lots of time on their hands.

Seaborn Wood got a hard learned lesson this weekend; he is now the victim of crime. Wood's home was broken into and it was discovered by his wife.

"She got here and our house was unlocked and she went into panic mode, but luckily nothing was stolen,” said Wood.

Nothing may have been stolen, but there were lots of vandalism acts: tires were slashed, lights were broken, the doors were left unlocked and the stove burners left on high.

The best guess among law enforcement is the break in was committed by teenagers

"We do tend to see an increase in juvenile crime during the summer time,” said Sheriff Andy Hughes. “Kids are out of school and they’re committing crimes during the day time, breaking in people’s houses, vandalizing property or whatever the case may be."

Many people are now getting alarm systems, with today's technology the cost is a lot less and they do a lot more.

"For sense of security which is one of the biggest things, if you’re out of town or even if you're at home to know you're somewhat protected. There’s no way to keep anything from happening, because if someone wants to do it, they'll do it, but if you're gone and someone breaks in the police are notified,” said Boyd Clark with DSI Services.

One of Clark's first customers just might be Seaborn Wood.

"The fact of the matter is there's darkness in the world and you have to be prepared," said Wood.

Sheriff Hughes said much of juvenile crime could be eliminated if parents would monitor their children.
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