Better Business Bureau warns of possible BCS ticket scams

Better Business Bureau warns of possible BCS ticket scams

Everyone is trying to get their hands on b-c-s national championship tickets, but before you make arrangements to head to Pasadena, you may want to listen up. The Better Business Bureau is warning football fans to be on the lookout for scams surrounding the big game.

Auburn and Florida State fans aren't the only people looking forward to the BCS National Championship Game. Scam artists also want to cash in on their winning season. Lori Beumer with the Better Business Bureau said most scams will end up on social media sites.

"I just encourage people to be very careful when buying tickets especially online. You need to start checking things  out before you start giving your credit card information or giving money. You could be taken advantage of very easily and it’s hard to get your money back,” said Beumer,

Tickets went on sale this week and they're already showing up on sites likes Craigslist. She suggests working with reputable travel agencies. She also recommends getting a confirmation code for your reservations with the hotel and rental car company.

 "It's going to be chaos  with people trying to check in all at one time and everyone is going to be rowdy  and excited about the game and you need to have everything  lined out for you and make sure you leave a paper trail  when you're making reservation , especially when it comes about this fast like this has. "

If you  have any concerns about the legitimacy of a company  or website, you can always contact the Better Business  Bureau  office in Dothan.

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