Group of New Zealanders build island to avoid alcohol ban

Locals joke they're exempt in international waters

A group of New Zealand partiers piled up sand to build a small island in "international waters" on New Year's Eve, avoiding a ban on drinking in public places, BBC reported.

Located in the Tairua estuary on the Coromandel peninsula, the island was just big enough for a picnic table, BBC reported.

The group joked its location in "international waters" helped them evade the liquor ban. They watched the fireworks, drinking into the night on New Year's Eve, BBC reported.

The public drinking ban was in effect through the New Year, but authorities didn't seem to bothered by the group taking advantage of the presumed loophole.

"That's creative thinking. If I had known, I probably would have joined them," said local police commander Inspector John Kelly, BBC reported.

David Saunders posted images of people on the island to a local Facebook group, Tairua ChitChat, BBC reported.

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