Wayne Farms talks expansion and job opportunities for high school grads

Wayne farms has made a huge impact not only locally, but nationwide and today the Dothan Rotary got a special presentation of their expansions plus the company's future goals of creating more job opportunities for local high school grads.

"The expansion was easy simply because we were welcomed with open arms through the public government, the state governments and the local community," said Neil Martin, Assistant Area Complex Manager for Wayne Farms when commenting on the Dothan expansion. 

"We started the expansion approximately 18 months ago and at that point in time we had just under 300 workers but now, as of this past Friday we are up to 1,030 and still growing," said Martin. 

As Wayne Farms expands,  one goal is to start creating more job opportunities for  high school students in the Wiregrass.

"A lot of the people we hire directly out of Blakely and Bainbridge are coming to work for us right out of high school and they're coming in anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 a year annual salary, which is a good income by all means for someone  who just graduated high school," said Martin. 

While they are not asking for a specific certification or license, Wayne Farms is  hoping to partner with local schools to teach students certain skills that would be needed for employment with the company after graduation.

"In the past three or four months I've been sitting on the public school consolidation committee voicing the need for us to look at our public school system and teaching some traits so that students are more than able to come to work in the area," explained Martin.

Construction on Wayne Farm's new holding freezer  on Ross Clark Circle will begin in the next couple of weeks. The freezer will be able to hold approximately 11 million pounds.

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