Wallace Community College Hosts Groundwater Education Day

Wallace College is hosting its' 17th annual Houston County Groundwater Education Day today, Friday May 4, 2018. The event is sponsored by 4-H  and Houston County Soil and Water Conservation District with local sponsorship and grant funding from WRC&D and ADEM.

During the event, students learned that groundwater is the source of our drinking water in south Alabama and it is important to keep it clean, avoid pollution and recycle. This year 550 students from 11 schools were in attendance.

A T-shirt design contest is open to all the students attending with the winning design printed on the event T-shirts. Ribbons were awarded to classroom winners and a trophy to each school winner in the poster art contest for all participating schools.

The 2018 winner “ Be Wise with Water” was designed by Evan Wilson 4th grade class at Bethel Christian Academy.

The Groundwater Education Day is offered to all fourth grade students and teachers. It is felt that this age group is able to understand groundwater concepts, while still young enough to form their own value system.  Each class participates in three hands-on activities and one group workshop “How to Make Paper” presented by staff from Georgia Pacific.


Students learned:

* The role of surface and groundwater in the water cycle

* The importance of water to all life

* The interdependence of plants, trees, wildlife, soil and water  

* The effect of human actions on water and all nature

* That all individuals need to act environmentally responsible




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