Update:EPD investigating sex crime involving four minors

ENTERPRISE, Ala.--"It's horrible. Especially with me having three children myself you know you should expect your children to be safe."

Enterprise resident Ebone Adderley is one of many community members shocked by the allegations.

Friday afternoon three boys under the age of 15 were taken into custody for allegedly committing sexual acts against another teen

WDHN reached out to the Enterprise City School board and they issued this statement:

"Last friday, school officials were notified that an allegation of sexual misconduct had been reported to have occured on october 18 and after school hours (sometime between the six and seven p-m) On the campus of rucker boulevard elementary school. The allegations involve minor students who attend various schools within the city and an active investigation is still being conducted by school administrators. We appreciate the enterprise police department for bringing this matter to our attention."

The question now is what can parents and community members do to prevent situations like this.

"We should look at different strategies of how we raise our children in the community as a parent, what should we do different to avoid this or to avoid our children being the ones that did this," said Adderley.

"You need to educate your kids at home and then when they come home from school if something has been told to them then as a parent you need to address the situation immediately and help them to understand," Brenda Brinson, community member.

Residents say it's also important that kids know how their actions affect others as well as their own lives.

"Probably talk to our kids, just tell them more about if this happen or you know the consequences if they did this they could go to jail," said Adderley.

And for other parents...

"It's makes me really sad. Us as parents we need to be able to talk to our children. If there's a problem going on. As parents needs to get on top of it and let their children know we are there for them any time," said Brinson.

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