Troy University Police receives 1 million dollars in equipment through military surplus program

Troy University Police are well equipped to protect students and faculty thanks to the Defense Logistics Agency which allows state and city entities to claim military equipment that is no longer needed. 

"You go out on their website and they show whats surplus and you put in for it and if your the successful person then your only responsibilities is to come get it wherever it may be and then its your property to upgrade and maintain," said Dean of Students Herbert Reeves.  

The equipment can be used for emergency management or homeland security. Reeves says the biggest boost to the department has been the vehicles. 

"Five full size pickup trucks that are in service with the police department or with other areas.....we did get a dump truck that we're utilizing and bobcat tractors," said Reeves.  

Local agencies can also utilize and benefit from this equipment as well. 

"If Geneva, Covington, Crenshaw County had a need for some of the equipment we'll gotten all they got to do is put in a mutual aid request through the web EOC we'll got this stuff and make sure they get use of it if we don't need it," said Reeves, 

All of the equipment plays into the safety and security of the campus. 

"We're in that area where tornado and stuff like that, we did have that type of activity where we can kind of better respond with some of these off terrain vehicles and some of the equipment we got we can try to better respond and try to resolve issues before they become a crisis or they become any type of fatalities," said Reeves. 

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