Troy U. will serve a mix of football and beer

Published 08/22 2014 07:25PM

Updated 08/22 2014 09:02PM

As fans pour into Troy University's football stadium this season, concession workers will be pouring a new beverage: beer.

"We want to do everything we can to enhance the fan experience, and this is just one option, you know, no different than someone going to Ruby Tuesday's to eat, and the opportunity, if they so desire to have an adult beverage," said Troy Athletic Director John Hartwell.

Troy is among 21 schools around the nation now serving alcohol, and beer was first added to its concession stand menu back in February, during baseball season.

Hartwell says safeguards like wrist bands and extra personnel are also in place for the football fans, and he says those will help prevent under-aged people from drinking and others from having one too many.

Reports also show alcohol-related incidents have gone down among the schools serving beer.

"We certainly understand and will monitor to make sure that we remain a fan-friendly, as well as a family friendly environment,” Hartwell said.

The opportunity to increase revenues was a major consideration.

"We're not going to say we're forsaking everything else for the purpose of revenue, but when you can balance both of those, you know, it was an opportunity that we felt made sense,” said Harwell.

Preliminary estimates show the school will make about $200,000.00 of additional revenue

The cost of each beer is five dollars, and school officials say Troy University will make a little more than two dollars for each one.

Many say it will keep some tailgaters from chugging down those last minute drinks before entering the stadium, and if you ask most students old enough to drink, you'll hear no complaints there.

"It'll help, because a lot of people go off campus and buy it, and now they can just come straight to the game," said Troy student Denzel Walker.

Cornelius Andrews proudly announced he turns 21 tomorrow and is more than thrilled to enjoy one of his first drinks at the stadium.  But he says he plans to drink responsibly.

"I'll be at the next game, ready.  I'll probably buy two or three of them, but I'm not going to drive, so you all don't have to worry about that.  I'm just going to support my Troy football team," Andrews said.

The concessions will serve up those first football brews during the first home game against Duke on September 6.

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