Son of God debuts big in Dothan

Published 02/28 2014 06:00PM

Updated 02/28 2014 06:10PM


The anticipation is over. Son of god made its debut today around the nation.


People were eager to see the movie, so pre-ticket sales were high.  


Son of god is roughly based from the history channels series “The Bible” which aired last march. The series main character, Diogo Morgado, also stars as Jesus in the “Son of God.”


The Joy 94.3 radio station is helping promote the new film and is giving out free tickets to listeners.


"To be able to see this on the big screen is just more impacting to the community , so I am thinking that this is definitely paving a way for more movies like this,” said Toni Prescott. “More television series. Just a movement of the message of Jesus Christ getting out there.”


The radio station said they have heard only positive feed-back from listeners who can't wait to see the movie.


Locals lined up outside of the theater waiting for the doors to open.


People were excited to see the film, which is why Emmanuel Christian school bought out the one o’clock showing.


"I am really excited about it, because I am going through a really bad trial right now,” one local said. “So, I won't talk about that, but I really need to be encouraged by it and it really does mean a lot to me,” said Lori Ann Oppear.


Oppear said she hopes after seeing the movie her faith will be stronger.

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