Softball tournament brings big bucks to Dothan

Published 07/11 2014 05:02PM

Updated 07/11 2014 08:45PM

Hotels are filling up and the restaurants are getting busy. Enterprise is hosting the Dixie Softball tournaments, but most visitors will be staying in Dothan.

"They love the Dothan area, because we have the infrastructure to support these type of tournaments,” said Bob Hendrix with the Visitors Bureau. “We have 32 hotels, we have over hundreds of restaurants. So, there everything you want to do - shop and eat and stay in our hotels and also our close proximity to the beach."

Hendrix says about 12 of the hotels will be booked here in Dothan and estimates the economic impact will be about $114,000.

"Enterprise will end up doing a lot of the work and we will get some of the benefit. But also our fields were probably filled up during this time,” said Hendrix. “So it's good to have it all in the area and work as a region instead of just one city."

In just a few weeks the city will be voting on Jim Oates Park. Hendrix says the proposed plans would allow six new softball fields and six new baseball fields. If passed it'll take about two years before the park is ready, but he says it'll draw in even more tournaments.

"This will give us even more capacity along with the 20 fields that we already have in Dothan to really host major big tournaments,” said Hendrix. “So, this is something that is really needed and it will pay for itself in two or three years."

Tournaments like this will continue on through the year. So, Hendrix encourages the people of Dothan to show our guests some southern hospitality.

"One of the best things we have to sell is our hospitality. So, when you have to stand in line at one of these restaurants or whatever just remember these people are dropping off money if we would just be nice to them.”

The tournament will end on Wednesday July 16.

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